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rotate by dragging on polyhedron, rescale by scrolling over canvas


The specification consists of a space-delimited series of polyhedral recipes. Each recipe looks like:

[op][op] ... [op][base] no spaces, just a string of characters

where [base] is one of

and op is one of these polyhedron-building operators:

Also, some newer, experimental operators:

There are more complicated, parameterized forms for k and n:

Note that for most of the above operations, while the topology of the result is uniquely specified, a great variety of geometry is possible. For maximum flexibility, the above operators do not enforce convexity of the polyhedron, or planarity of the faces, at each step. If these properties are desired in the final result, the following geometric "refinement" operators can be used. These operators are for canonicalizing the polyhedral shape, and are mainly intended for making the more traditional, convex polyhedra more symmetric:

These can blow up the geometry of the weirder polyhedra, which can be interesting too!

3D Printing

You can export these shapes in forms appropriate for 3D printing by shapeways. Export in VRML2 format to preserve face colors if you want to use their colored fused-sand process. You'll probably want to rescale the exported geometry to a non-tiny size.

More Information: